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10 Signs You’re Actually a Unicorn

  1. You’re always dancing and prancing ???
    When other people go for a walk… you go for a prance. Plus, you always make sure you have time for a dance party.
  1. You don’t have a favorite color ?
    Because they’re all equally fabulous… duh! Does rainbow count as a favorite color?
  1. You are stubborn but SO loyal ?
    Sure, you like to have things your way, but your friends know they can always count on you when they need it most!
  1. You light up any room you walk into ?
    It’s true—the party don’t start ’til you walk in! Whether it’s because of your outgoing personality or fabulous outfit, you’re always turning heads.
  1. You always take the path less traveled
    Especially when it’s covered in glitter.
  1. You’re decked out in all-things-unicorn ?
    From Halloween costumes to footie pajamas, you make sure you’re always repping your inner mythical creature.
  1. You don’t follow the herd ?
    When everyone goes right, you go left. You make your mark wherever you go.
  1. You take great care of your mane ?
    You were probably voted “best hair” in your high school yearbook.
  1. You like to dye your hair fun colors. ??
    Blue, pink, purple, or rainbow… yeah, you’re probably a unicorn.
  1. You’re always horny.?
    As in… you like to show off your unicorn horn. Get your mind out of the gutter. ?
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