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Aries:You are headed toward some instability and craziness, Aries. Not to fear though, because along with the bumps in the road will come self-improvement and growth! It’s the perfect time of year to go beyond your fabulous surface and become the unicorn you’ve always wanted to be… from the inside out!  

Taurus:It is the perfect time to conquer your goals, Taurus. You’ve been feeling especially focused and driven lately, just make sure that personal success is your main priority! If you do this, you will be ready to roam-like-a-gnome right out of your comfort zone into a magical new adventure…

Gemini: Focus on your communication during this time, Gemini. You often express yourself through words and conversation, but remember that you don’t have to say everything that comes into your head. It may be a good time to find another way to express yourself so as not to offend anybody. Explore new hobbies and activities to feel free as a fairy…

Cancer: You’ve always been thought of as the emotional and sensitive one, Cancer. The time is now to show those around you how tough you really are! Stand up for yourself, call others out when they’re wrong, and maybe even get a little naughty. You won’t believe what you experience when you’re mischievous like a mermaid…

Leo:You love being the center of attention, Leo. There’s no need to hide your rainbow, but make sure you’re flaunting your fabulous-self to the right people. It’s very important to avoid bad vibes right now and surround yourself with your besties. Don’t be a drama-llama when you can be a unicorn.

Virgo: You need to focus on finding a work-play balance, Virgo. When everyone else lives by the mantra, work hard, play hard, you neglect the fun one and work yourself into the ground! Let loose, get down n’ dirty, let your hair down, braid your beard… whatever you gotta do to go from gnomebody to somebody!

Libra: Charm is going to be your secret weapon, Libra. When most people walk through life, you fly like a fairy. Don’t stifle your sparkle… it will bring you new opportunities and experiences. Just make sure you take enough time to yourself so you can recharge. Treat yourself, make me-time a priority, and you’ll continue to fly towards success.

Scorpio: It is time to let go of guilt from the past, Scorpio. You’ve been finding it difficult lately to focus on the present because memories keep swimming into your mind. You might need to find a way to practice mindfulness. Whether it’s exercise, meditating or luring in cuties with your mermaid-like-charm… find a way to be in the now.

Sagittarius: You are a natural ruler of the universe, Sagittarius. Being a boss of your life is easy-peasy when things are going your way… the challenge is staying strong when things get rocky. There are big things in store for you as long as you can find a way to be confident and strong, through all prances of life. Remember: unicorns don’t always have it easy, but they always keep it fabulous.

Capricorn: There’s very little you can’t achieve, Capricorn. When you put your mind to something you get it done, and you get it done well. You’re not normally one to color outside of the lines… but this is the time to try. You’ll be surprised how productive and down right fun it is to let your adventurous side emerge. You might find a new gnome-sweet-home…

Aquarius: It’s time to go deeper than being the life of the party, Aquarius. You’ve been feeling like you’re missing something lately and it’s because you don’t often let people get to really know you. Everyone can see that you have a natural sparkle and charm, and even though it can be scary for a fairy, let somebody in; let them see how awesome you are on the inside, too.

Pisces: You are well overdue for some serious “me time,” Pisces. You spend so much time taking care of others, sometimes you forget to take care of yourself! You’ll feel your best after taking time to swim, fish or go on a tropical vacation. Dive deep into the self-care and reconnect with your inner mermaid.

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