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HALLU-ween Pumpkin Stencils

Collage of Pumpkins Featuring Hallu Collection Images

Light Up the Night Unicorn Stencil

Illuminate the block with this enchanting unicorn stencil! Flip your mane with confidence because your pumpkin will totally be Instagram-worthy…  #HalluUnicorn

*Design Tip: Add even more of an ethereal effect by painting your pumpkin with deep purples, golds, reds and blues.

HALLU unicorn stencil


Sea Goddess Mermaid Stencil

Calling all sirens! Stop swimming through all the stencils—this one is bound to make the biggest splash. Get your dose of vitamin sea this Halluween. #HalluMermaid

*Design Tip: Make your pumpkin a true tropical treasure by painting it in whimsical blues with golden accents.

HALLU mermaid stencil


Gnome Sweet Gnome Stencil

Your pumpkin will roam-like-a-gnome right to #1 with this stencil! Your adventurous side is sure to shine through—you may even inspire others to carve their own way too.  #HalluGnome

*Design Tip: Purchase a gnome door accent from your local arts & crafts store and adhere to the front of your pumpkin. A true woodland paradise.

HALLU gnome stencil


Take Wing Fairy Stencil

Let your creativity take flight with this fairy pretty stencil! Your pumpkin will be the perfect addition to your secret garden, full of playful charm just like you. #HalluFairy

*Design Tip: Paint your pumpkin a shimmering gold and add a dusting of glitter for magical pixie dust.

HALLU fairy stencil

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